Pink romance French beaded flowers - set of 3, perfect for the bride's bouquet


Price is for one stem. Adjust quantity in shopping cart for more stems. Incorporate French beaded flowers with flowers for the bride that wants traditional florals and yet also wants something to make her wedding special. Many royals including Marie Antoinette, Napoleon's Josephine, and Princess Grace have had French beaded flowers in their possession because of their timeless beauty.


When the fresh flowers are gone, a keepsake of the beaded flowers will last forever after your big day.


These roses have many layers of depth and beauty. The outer 5 petals are encrusted with pearls and outlined with silky hex beads. The middle petals have white intermixed to give it depth and interest. All made with quality Japanese seed beads.


Petals are laced with tiny wires to enhance stability. Flower measures approximately 5 inches in diameter. Attached to stem wire and wrapped with floral tape. Stem wire is flexible enough for your florist to cut or bend to incorporate with your choice of fresh flowers to build the bouquet of your dreams.